Services and Pricing

We are a premier provider of assisted document preparation and filing services.

We charge a flat fee of $230 USD

If you require any assistance with your application our agents will assist you by email or phone. Our service can save you a lot of time and headaches. It takes the average user 5 minutes or less to complete our application and process their order for a new TFN. Once you process your order our agents review it for errors. In the event they find any errors they’ll work with you to correct them in a timely and efficient manner. Our application is available online 24/7/365. We will securely store your TFN in your account on our site so in the event you ever lose or misplace it you can quickly and easily gain access to it.

ABN Obtainment Process

Following the submission of your application and payment our agents will review your application and submit it to the ATO.. Once our agents obtain your TFN you will be sent an email containing your TFN Number which you can use immediately for your business and/or personal needs.

Why Choose Us

Save time preparing complicated government forms and prevent errors by using our easy-to-use online TFN Application Assistant.. For a small fee we will prepare your TFN and work with the TFN to obtain your  number and deliver it to you quickly and securely via email. Our service makes the TFN application process quick, easy, and accurate for both individuals and businesses.

● Fast Online Form
● Knowledgeable Staff
● Reviewed by Experts
● Secure Online ABN Storage
● Expedited Service
● Lifetime Customer Support
● 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
● Lost ABN Recovery Services